Company History and Mission

Siltek Group Inc. was founded in 1998. Its principal, Ana Silveira-Sierra has been involved in various aspects of construction for many years prior to the formation of her own company.

Ana Silveira-Sierra has degrees in both civil and architectural engineering and has been involved in the construction of a large number of residential, hi-rise and commercial buildings during the past 18 years. She has served as project engineer, structural engineer and field engineer on various luxury condominium and office projects; she also acted as project manager/construction manager on many of these projects.

Siltek Group Inc. specializes in commercial, residential and low- to mid-rise construction, Owner's representation for Construction Administration and Project Management, Value Engineering and cost estimating. Siltek Group Inc. has been engaged in the construction of a wide variety of affordable housing and commercial developments, including single-family homes, townhouses and elderly rental housing. Our company is capable of helping to guide an Owner through all phases of a project, from the inception of an Owner's idea to the development and actual construction of that project. Our company's primary focus is to perform our work from the Owner's perspective by completing each project on time, under budget and with a high level of client satisfaction.

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